New Name

2017-01-28 06:51:41 by CallmeFazbear

Hey Guys.

So I am on Youtube, you all do know.

But I feel like I can't produce music with my Youtube channel name. So I'm changing my alias.

On Youtube, you will still find me under Call me Fazbear, but I will now make music under the alias Engaina Fortress.

I would also need someone to draw the Logo for my Artist name, with payment, if indicated.

Thank you all for your support, I hope to be able to continue relying on you.

Album Release

2016-10-17 08:51:22 by CallmeFazbear

Hey Guys.

So mabe you noticed that I am going to release my first album soon, and some songs that I published here will be on it.

I know a lot of you enjoyed the collab with GraySoul/the song Beach Party a lot. So I want to apologize at this point for un-publishing that song and some other songs too.

The album will come out on March 8. 2017, so  be prepared for a load of awesome Dubstep and Techno Music!

Hope to hear from you guys soon.

Joey Karrol